Kyu Gradings

Through both kyu and dan grades, students must learn and demonstrate kihon (basics). These include the correct stances, steps, blocks, punches and kicks. Students must learn to put these together in prearranged demonstrations of the applications of the various techniques, either as Kata, Sandom Gumite, Ohyo Gumite and Kihon Kumite.

By brown belt level free-fighting or sparring is conducted more, the emphasis being on speed, accuracy and control of techniques. As such, before a student can attempt a grading an up-to-date license is required and a period of at least three months of regular training must have expired since the students last grading. A period of at least six months regular training between 3rd and 2nd Kyu (brown belts), and at least a twelve month period between 1st kyu (brown belt) and 1st Dan (black belt).