Dan Grade

All candidates must apply for examination to the licensing officer 2 weeks prior to the date scheduled for grading. Please state grade being taken and enclose your member license with the application form. It is understood that those requirements may differ slightly from country to country, especially with regard to the member’s license.

Juniors can grade for 1st and 2nd Dan only. Juniors grading for 1st Dan may choose only one Ohyo Gumite, Kihon Gumite, and Kata from the grading syllabus. Juniors grading for 2nd Dan may choose as well only one Ohyo Gumite, Kihon Gumite, Kata, and Tanto Dori.

A grading application fee of £30 will be collected from all candidates prior to the examination.

Candidates are required to wear a clean white gi, and to bring sparring mitts, plus a pen for the written test.

The full Dan Grading syllabus is available by following this link Dan Grading Syllabus (2014-2016).