Master Hironori Ohtsuka was one of the highest authorities in Karate in Japan and passed on his formidable knowledge to his most senior student, Master Tatsuo Suzuki.

Master Suzuki trained with Master Ohtsuka for ten hours a day. He had achieved 3rd Dan within six years. By 1951, he attained his 5th Dan, the highest grade in Wado Ryu at that time. In 1975, he was honoured with the highest grade ever to have been given by the All Japan Karate Organisations-Wado Kai, his 8th Dan. That same year, the Uncle of the Emperor Higashikuni awarded Master Suzuki ‘Hanshi’, the highest ever Japanese Martial Arts title. The only other person to have this distinction is Master Ohtsuka. However, Master Suzuki has refused offers of higher Dan grades, saying, “Over the years I have been offered 10th Dan but refused it. It would mean nothing to me, the only man worthy of giving me a grade was Ohtsuka sensei and he is dead.”

Master Tatsuo Suzuki was responsible for the introduction of Wado Ryu throughout Europe and America following requests in 1963 for him to demonstrate and provide instruction. In January 1965 Master Tatsuo Suzuki established the first Wado Federation from his HQ in London, England, and accomplished the task of introducing Wado Ryu throughout Europe with the assistance of his senior students from Japan, who became his Instructors throughout Europe. The Wado International Karate-Do Federation was formed in 1990 by Master Tatsuo Suzuki a world wide organisation whose main aim is to standardise Wado Ryu Karate as taught to him by the founder Grand Master Hironori Ohtsuka.

The WIKF is established in 61 Countries and is organised into three regions, Europe, Pan America and Asia. The WIKF is the largest out of the three main Wado groups. Suzuki Sensei is loyal to the man who taught him, the founder of Wado-Ryu, the late master Ohtsuka. Suzuki Sensei will not allow the style to be changed. His is the original Wado-Ryu as taught to him and as it will always be taught whilst he remains a Hanshi.