Like all karate clubs, the WIKF has a grading system. This allows students to proceed through a syllabus set by our Technical Committee, which instructs them at a level best suited to their abilities and to allow them to be tested according to what is expected of them at each grade.

It is not necessary that students of karate progress through this system but most people find it helpful to know how they are progressing through the ranks.

Coloured belts allow students to track their progress with a system that is used in martial arts worldwide. For young children, there is the appeal of a new belt, while for older children and adults, a grading allows them to further their goal of advancement in karate.

The WIKF holds regular gradings. In the beginning, these may be in a student’s own club and with their own teacher, thereby giving them a sense of familiarity and to make them feel at ease during the testing. However, as time goes on, a student may have to travel to other clubs for more senior gradings.