Autumn Course 2015

Sensei Bobby Hamilton has arranged for WIKF World Chief Instructor to visit Northern Ireland this autumn for a two-day course between Bangor and Newtownards.

Friday 30th October

There will be a training session for dan grades only on the Friday night, from 8-9pm in the Bangor Aurora sports complex.

Saturday 31st October

Saturday will see two training sessions. The first will be for brown and black belts only and will begin at 12:30pm and conclude at 2pm. Following a fifteen minute break, there will be a training session for all grades between 2:15pm to 3:45pm. The Saturday session will be in St Patrick’s Hall in Newtownards.

Sensei Hamilton has reminded all dan grades that training on both days is mandatory.

There will be tea/coffee and snacks available at the end of the course.