Queen’s University Course/Sensei Cole

Congratulations to Sensei Michael Cole.

At the course he hosted at Queen’s University, Belfast, world chief instructor Sensei Jon Wicks awarded Sensei Cole his 7th Dan, making him the highest graded WIKF instructor on the island of Ireland.

Over the weekend, Sensei Wicks instructed the Dan Grades in Renraku Waza, Chinto kata and both Tachi and Tanto Dori. When we were joined by the kyu grades, we all received instruction in Kihon and Pinan Shodan, with Sensei Wicks reminding us of many of the basic errors made when performing this kata.

Throughout the course, Sensei Wicks emphasised the importance of always considering movement in karate as being a fighting art, thinking not of Kata as a dance or Kihon Kumite as a deal between friends but as a series of actions applicable in combat.

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