Dan Grading Success in Ireland

Three students recently graded for their 1st Dan following the three-day summer course in Drogheda held by Sensei Philip Smith. Laura Skelly, Kevin Murphy and Eamonn McCusker successfully graded for their 1st Dan under World Chief Instructor Jon Wicks 8th Dan. Congratulations to all three on their achievement.

A challenging and tiring weekend of training was surely made more enjoyable with their receiving of their WIKF Dan Grade certificates. And I’m sure that they are now realising that Dan grade is only the beginning. There is still much to learn.

Also grading that weekend were a number of kyu grade students from both the North and South of Ireland, including, from Downpatrick, Ryan McEvoy and Brad Kurk, who graded for their 2nd Kyu.

Again, everyone was successfully graded on the day under Sensei Philip Smith, who, over the course of the weekend, was officially named as WIKF Chief Instructor in the Republic of Ireland.

Again, well done to all, particularly Philip, who has supported clubs and students across the island of Ireland for many years.

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