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Jon Wicks 2016 Course Belfast/Downpatrick

Senseis Michael Cole and Noel Kavanagh have arranged for WIKF World Chief Instructor, Jon Wicks, to visit Northern Ireland early this year for a two-day course between the PEC in Belfast and Downpatrick over the weekend of 20-21 February.

Training begins earlier on both days for Black and Brown belts but it is hoped that we will see any many people as possible in training over the weekend. Please click on the link below for full details.

2016 course


Autumn Course 2015

Sensei Bobby Hamilton has arranged for WIKF World Chief Instructor to visit Northern Ireland this autumn for a two-day course between Bangor and Newtownards.

Friday 30th October

There will be a training session for dan grades only on the Friday night, from 8-9pm in the Bangor Aurora sports complex.

Saturday 31st October

Saturday will see two training sessions. The first will be for brown and black belts only and will begin at 12:30pm and conclude at 2pm. Following a fifteen minute break, there will be a training session for all grades between 2:15pm to 3:45pm. The Saturday session will be in St Patrick’s Hall in Newtownards.

Sensei Hamilton has reminded all dan grades that training on both days is mandatory.

There will be tea/coffee and snacks available at the end of the course.

Grading in Downpatrick

Congratulations and well done to all of those who graded in Downpatrick. A recent Monday night was the first chance for everyone to get together to celebrate their achievements. Well done to all of those who graded and succeeded.








Sensei Jon Wicks Course at QUB

Sensei Jon Wicks, Chief Instructor of the WIKF, will be returning to Northern Ireland to host a weekend seminar on the 21st and 22nd February at the Physical Education Centre.

On Saturday, registration will begin at 1pm and the course will commence for brown and black belts at 1.30pm for one hour. All other grades will join at 3pm for two hours.

On Sunday, registration will begin at 11am with the course beginning at 11.30am for one hour for, again, brown and black belts. At 1pm, all other grades will join and the course will finish at 3pm.

Fees are detailed on this 2015 course pdf (and below) but be aware that there is a 20% discounted family rate for two or more children.

We wish Senseis Jon Wicks and Michael Cole success in hosting this course.

2015 course

Congratulations Medal Winners

Congratulations to all those in the WIKF Ireland, north and south, who picked up medals at the recent WIKF All Ireland Championship in Drogheda.

Sensei Philip Smith hosted the competition, which attracted two hundred entrants across kata and kumite, as well as demonstrated Ohyo Gumite and Tanto and Tachi Dori with his student, Sensei Karl Doyle.

Well done to all those who entered and who picked up medals. The Downpatrick club entrants and their medal winners are pictured below.


Queen’s University Course/Sensei Cole

Congratulations to Sensei Michael Cole.

At the course he hosted at Queen’s University, Belfast, world chief instructor Sensei Jon Wicks awarded Sensei Cole his 7th Dan, making him the highest graded WIKF instructor on the island of Ireland.

Over the weekend, Sensei Wicks instructed the Dan Grades in Renraku Waza, Chinto kata and both Tachi and Tanto Dori. When we were joined by the kyu grades, we all received instruction in Kihon and Pinan Shodan, with Sensei Wicks reminding us of many of the basic errors made when performing this kata.

Throughout the course, Sensei Wicks emphasised the importance of always considering movement in karate as being a fighting art, thinking not of Kata as a dance or Kihon Kumite as a deal between friends but as a series of actions applicable in combat.

img217 img219

Christmas Grading in Downpatrick

Happy new year and well done to all of those who graded in Downpatrick before Christmas. Monday night was the first chance for everyone to get together to celebrate their achievements. Well done to all of those who graded and succeeded and to a successful 2014.

DSC_0292 DSC_0289 DSC_0284 DSC_0280

Sensei Eleni Suzuki Training Course


North Down Wado Ryu Karate clubs are delighted to host this special Summer seminar on Saturday  10th August.  Special guest instructor making yet another return appearance in Northern Ireland will be Sensei Eleni Labiri Suzuki 6th Dan, the wife of our late great Japanese Master, Prof. Tatsuo Suzuki.

Sensei Eleni  can lay claim to first class technical & teaching credentials , having trained intensively  with her  husband until his passing in 2011. Additionally, she has travelled internationally with Sensei  to many countries and participated and assisted in many black belt seminars and gradings at both home and abroad.

Details are as follows:-

DATE – Saturday  10th August 2013

VENUE – St Patrick’s R C Church Hall, Victoria Avenue, Newtownards

TRAINING TIMES – 12-30pm till 2-30pm (all grades)

FEE –  £25/student

There will be a kyu grading exam on Saturday following training and the standard grading fee of £12 will be charged.

Dan Grading Success in Ireland

Three students recently graded for their 1st Dan following the three-day summer course in Drogheda held by Sensei Philip Smith. Laura Skelly, Kevin Murphy and Eamonn McCusker successfully graded for their 1st Dan under World Chief Instructor Jon Wicks 8th Dan. Congratulations to all three on their achievement.

A challenging and tiring weekend of training was surely made more enjoyable with their receiving of their WIKF Dan Grade certificates. And I’m sure that they are now realising that Dan grade is only the beginning. There is still much to learn.

Also grading that weekend were a number of kyu grade students from both the North and South of Ireland, including, from Downpatrick, Ryan McEvoy and Brad Kurk, who graded for their 2nd Kyu.

Again, everyone was successfully graded on the day under Sensei Philip Smith, who, over the course of the weekend, was officially named as WIKF Chief Instructor in the Republic of Ireland.

Again, well done to all, particularly Philip, who has supported clubs and students across the island of Ireland for many years.

LauraBobby Group3 Group2 Group Grading

New Jon Wicks Video

Jon Wicks, 8th Dan and World Chief Instructor of the WIKF, has made available for download an instructional video of his demonstrating all Tanto Dori (Knife Defences), Tachi Dori (Sword Defences) and the new Dan Grade Renraku Waza (combinations). This video is available for download from Digital Goods Store. This download video costs only £13.50.